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Reliable management of the software, applications and systems that underpin your productivity

Businesses run better when their IT works seamlessly. Teams need to reliably connect to their servers and networks, they need to be able to print wirelessly and they need confidence that applications like email, calendaring, word processing or specialist software they use will work smoothly.

Software, applications and systems need to be managed. They require a systematic approach that monitors, alerts of defects and upgrade requirements ahead of time, provides end-user support and handles administration such as changes of users and functionality.

Up to date software that runs smoothly sustains productivity and is good for staff morale. But the more pressing case for having rigorous applications and systems management is security. If software is not kept up to date, your business can be vulnerable to attack. Sound management ensures security patches and system updates are current, licensing is accurate and version control is working properly. Underpinning the software and applications is your IT infrastructure – the servers, switches, cabling and desktops. It all needs to work harmoniously.

So even with a knowledgeable in-house team, getting the most from your software, systems and applications is not trivial.

Assistance in aligning IT with business objectives, combined with the subsequent delivery of a hybrid support and infrastructure solution has reduced cost, and markedly increased responsiveness.

Mike Ryall | Director | Antal

The experience and expertise to deliver applications and systems management

Our experienced teams, clear processes and automated systems are designed to get your software and systems working to your advantage. We support applications and the underlying infrastructure such as servers, desktops, printers and switches. We can work alongside your in-house team or bring the people, processes and platforms to look after all aspects of your IT. Here are some of IT management tasks we cover:

  • Hardware and systems – we make sure your network connections, switches, cabling and desktops are working together optimally
  • Software and applications – we monitor and report on software and application performance, manage patches and take actions when required
  • Change management – from implementing new hardware to releasing new software we ensue the end-to-end process is done professionally
  • Pre-empting, managing and fixing problems – we spot problems, manage defects and resolve issues with third parties
  • Upgrades and security – we install and upgrade your applications and software, keeping them secure and performing to their best
  • Support – we provide incident management and end user support to help with queries and faults
  • License and user management – we handle everyday IT administrative tasks such as managing licenses and user rights and permissions to access software
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Work with Blue Saffron

Comprehensive, reliable management of your IT systems and applications

At Blue Saffron, we apply consistent best practice to ensure that your applications and systems run optimally, are fully supported and are secure. We look at how your business uses software and how we can make hardware and software work together to create more efficiency and automation for your business.

And as we understand the negative impact when software runs slowly, we have built a world class set of monitoring and management tools to support your critical business software. Our enterprise platform for medium-sized companies, Solid Blue, creates a dashboard of how all your systems are performing and provides early warning of potential issues so we can take pre-emptive action where necessary. We also have long-standing relationships with application vendors (we are a Microsoft Certified Partner) so that we get early visibility of changes and access to high level expertise. All of which is geared to help software, systems and applications better serve your business.


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