Blue Saffron, in common with many in our industry, have worked at pace and with diligence on customer projects to relocate, reorient and in some cases rearchitect the fabric of their IT service – to adapt to what has been hailed as one of the biggest shifts in working practice in the last hundred years. The experience has been a roller coaster!!

From the many conversations we have had with suppliers, customers, consultants and industry observers, we have taken some time out to reflect and share the experience of migrating and supporting hundreds of companies and thousands of users. An independently commissioned research piece in association with Larato has also helped to widen our intelligence gathering pool.

Amongst the many recent conversations we have had, five key areas stand out as critical for delivering the improvements businesses want.

1. The redefined workplace

The remote working debate, the permanency of remote working in the mid to longer term, and how technology should support that. More

2. A more agile business model

How companies reinvent themselves to cope with an altered economy – topics spanning budgeting, workforce flexibility, collaboration & economics of IT servicing. More

3. Improved information security

A topic that has always been important to the professional services industry, but which has risen to the fore with the dispersion of the workforce. More

4. Data-backed business improvements

Improved & more timely visibility of outputs & productivity & the reshaping of workflow, previously built to function in a centralised location, have both figured highly in conversation. More

5. Rethinking your customer experience

Of prime importance our customers customer – changes made to both accommodate changed circumstance & improve interaction with our customers customer. More

These insights are the result of supporting hundreds of customers and thousands of users through a highly challenging period of fast-compressed change. Click on the links to get more indepth insights we gained to help you think through the next steps for your organisation. 

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